H1 2023

Core Feature Development

  • Launch Native Beta
  • Launch on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon
  • Professional liquidity provider and market marker integrations

Integration of Pricing Models

  • Fixed price
  • Uniswap v2
  • Constant sum model
  • RFQ

Admin tools

  • Pool Admin Portal
  • Native Analytics Site


  • Publish developer docs
  • Publish whitepaper
  • Publish educational content for DeFi

Community Engagement

  • Host events for Native NFT holders
  • Expand the incentive program for Native NFT holders
  • Host monthly community call in Discord

Risk Management

  • Smart contract auditing

H2 2023

Core Feature Development

  • Launch Native V2
  • Support for new pricing models


  • Gas optimization
  • Support for public pools
  • Improve routing pathfinding
  • Improve UX for the pool admin portal


  • Wallet integrations
  • Additional aggregator integrations

Risk Management

  • Modularized security tool development