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About Native

Crypto’s invisible DEX layer
Native exists to bring crypto to the next 1 billion people. It turns swap into a feature, fixing the swap experience for average users and solving token management for project teams. This evens the playing field between decentralized and centralized finance and allows the app layer to grow.
The crypto ecosystem has come to rely on exchanges. Instead of transacting directly with decentralized apps and liquidity providers, users enlist exchanges as intermediaries. This has to change if we want to scale.
Native is crypto’s invisible DEX layer. It’s a toolkit for any project to create their own in-app DEX. It cuts out the middle-man between projects and communities, allowing them to transact directly. No fragmented UX or 3rd-party exchange fees. Efficiency matching centralized exchanges.
If you're a developer and you'd like to integrate Native into your app, please see our dedicated dedicated developer docs section.

Why Chameleons?

Chameleons change colors to blend in with their environment. They adapt to stay out of sight. As crypto’s invisible DEX layer, Native does the same thing. Each Native DEX is completely integrated into its parent project’s UI. Beneath the surface, there is sophisticated tech, but users never have to leave their app and may not even know they’re using it.
This is one of the big changes the crypto community needs to make as crypto moves from a niche, frontier technology towards mainstream adoption. We won’t attract mainstream users by showing them esoteric technology. We’ll attract them with valuable apps that are easy to use. Those are the apps and experiences Native is here to support.
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