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Market Makers

Off-chain pricing is Native's biggest strength. We collaborate with diverse liquidity sources to provide the best pricing. This document outlines the technical setup to integrate as market maker.


Native's architecture is built upon three essential components: pricer, signer, and pool, within a secure liquidity network, enabling secure off-chain pricing.
  • The pricer ensures accurate price provision for order requests.
  • The signer safeguards order data for on-chain transactions.
  • The pool executes on-chain swaps using self-custody treasury.
When users request pricing on Native, Native's backend navigates various liquidity sources to discover the best price. Upon user confirmation to execute a swap, the market maker is engaged to acquire the final price, securely endorsed by the assigned signer. Signer gives market makers an additional layer to validate an order and control of the transaction can be executed by the pool smart contract.

Endpoints for pricer and signer

Native relies on API connections to the market makers to achieve off-chain pricing. HTTPS protocol and authentication are required for all the endpoints. Native supports authentication methods including API key and HMAC-SHA256. All endpoints should return JSON data and appropriate status codes.
In general, 3 API endpoints are required to integrate as a market maker with Native.
  1. 1.
    orderbook for Native to estimate the price for different order sizes (optional)
  2. 2.
    firm-quote for Native to obtain price from market maker given the requested token and amount
  3. 3.
    sign-quote for market maker to validate and sign the order to be executed on-chain