Regular Traders

Trading on Native benefits immensely from RFQ (Request for Quote) system and the deep liquidity provided by Aqua, enhancing RFQ provider's ability to offer even more competitive quotes.

The RFQ system offers several advantages over AMM (Automated Market Maker) systems, including zero-slippage, resistance to MEV (Maximum Extractable Value), improved capital efficiency, and more.

For traders utilising Native swaps, these benefits are fully realised. With Aqua's support, RFQ providers can offer more competitive quotes, unrestricted by their inventory. This becomes apparent in larger orders, where the zero-slippage feature of RFQ systems proves to be particularly advantageous. Aqua's strength lies here.

Traders benefit from increased price competition among multiple market makers, resulting in competitive prices driven by the ample liquidity they have access to.

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