• Aqua. Anybody can supply crypto on a per-asset basis to the Aqua common pool. Using Native, market makers can either settle trades using their own inventory or use borrowed capital during settlement. In the case of borrowed funds, a long and short position would be opened against market makers' credits in Aqua. They will be charged credit interest for holding onto these positions. This module represents a crucial and distinctive feature of Aqua:

    • Prevents liquidity outflow from the entire ecosystem during trades

    • Boosts capital efficiency for makers as they no longer need to hold any inventory

    • Facilitates natural cross-chain liquidity flow without the need for asset bridging

    • Offers a clear pathway for anyone to supply liquidity to Aqua and earn an interest on staked tokens

  • On-chain records and on-chain settlement. To keep a high level of transparency to all parties involved in the borrowing, lending, transfer of assets, Aqua ensures all records are kept on-chain. Settlement can securely occur on-chain at any desired time or triggered automatically.

  • Integration with Native. Leveraging on Native's existing integration with aggregators and unique order flow from various protocols across different chains, Aqua introduces a single entry point for professional players to provide liquidity across all these trading platforms.


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