Use Cases

Who can use Native?

Defi Projects Looking for Best Prices

Projects can use Native to build their own in-app swaps that are connected to our Liquidity Layer. Native can route any asset on any chain to the desired asset on the desired chain, thus providing a remarkable UX to users of Native-powered in-app swaps. We are able to aggregate the best prices from our network of AMMs, aggregators, and partnered PMMs, so users of these in-app swaps can enjoy superior pricing. Furthermore, users will no longer need to leave a project's dApp to swap.

Projects like BENDDAO, Aboard, ZetaSwap, and more, are successful use cases of projects already using Native to power their own in-app swaps with our liquidity infrastructure.

DEX Aggregators

DEX aggregators, can use Native as a liquidity source for better prices to pass on to end users. Furthermore, we have enough liquidity so that we can process large orders on-chain.

Solvers/Fillers/Professional Traders

Solvers can use Native as a liquidity source for better execution prices and therefore achieve to settle more orders and more profits.

Intent-Based Projects

Intent-based projects, like UniswapX, can use Native as a liquidity source to search for the best prices. Market Makers

Market makers who are connected to Native can receive more order flow with less effort. New volume and order flow can come from either projects with Native powered swaps, or solvers and intent-based protocols.

Defi Projects Looking for Yield Strategy

Capital utilization for Native Lend is very high due to the versatile use cases. Thus it offers attractive yield for projects looking for optimizing their yield strategy. The interface is very similar to Compound v2, and it's permissionless. Refer to the doc here.

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