Changes needed to use Native Lend

This guide requires you to have successfully integrated with Native as a market maker.


When Native requests a Firm-Quote from the market maker, Native will pass the availableBorrowBalance parameter which indicates the amount of available tokens you can borrow to fulfill the quote.

In the Firm-Quote response, if the market maker wants to use Native Lend inventory to fulfil the order, you can respond with isBorrowing: true to indicate that you want to use Native Lend inventory.

Signing the order

If you are using Native Lend inventory to fulfill the order, the buyer and the verifyingContract when signing the order should be the Native Lend pool address. If you are using your own inventory instead, then use the address of your own RfqPool.


Market Maker can publish a different orderbook for using Lend inventory vs using their own inventory. It can be a different endpoint, or the same endpoint with a different field in the response.

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